A person's health is of great importance and whether they know it or not, it is something that should be maintained at the highest level. That is if they want to truly enjoy all that this amazing life has to offer.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy perfect health, but when you look into the underlying reasons for ill health, there can be found patterns of attitude that can contribute to some extent to the level of health being experienced.

in good healthThis is a side of health that is really only being understood more fully in recent times and more medical experts are agreeing that the mind does indeed have a lot of influence on the physical health of a person than was previously believed.

It is behind all aspects of physical health from the ability to lose weight to maintaining a clear complexion and to warding off disease. That is a huge leap forward in understanding and something that anyone who wants to take it on board can use to their advantage.

Emotional Health

It means that the state of a person's emotional health has direct consequences for their physical health. Knowing that, it is possible to alter the course of your health simply by altering your emotional state. But how do you do that?

With most people, their emotions are generally controlled by what goes on around them.

If they are in a happy situation, then they will feel happy as long as there are no other circumstances that could be more powerful in causing them to feel sad. This could be the loss of a loved one or a beloved pet, financial difficulties, stress in a job or in a family situation, or some other event that you really have no control over but is causing you great unhappiness or grief.

If there are no such circumstances in your life, then you can generally expect to take on the general emotional state of those around you and the situation you are in. But why should you be controlled by external circumstances?

It is a fact that there is only one aspect of a person's life that they can be fully in control over and that is their thoughts!

Thoughts Control Emotions Control Health

You choose what you think about, despite what you may have been taught to believe. Your thoughts are yours and yours alone.

You can choose to think what you want to think about, or have the outside world control them for you. In essence, you can control your life or life can control you. Around 96 percent of the population are allowing life to control them. This is because they either do not know that they have the power to control their thoughts, or they know it but are too lazy to try.

You can choose whether you want life to control you by having external circumstances dictate what you think about or you can take charge of your life and ultimately the state of your health and start controlling your thoughts. You may not believe that you are capable of doing that, but in actually fact you are. You just don't know it yet.

You can choose to think happy thoughts and by doing so, turn your back on all the negativity that surrounds you such as sadness, hate, malice, resentment, guilt, frustration etc. This will take some effort of will in the beginning, but with practice you will get better at it.

On the other hand, when you think about more happy things than bad things, your emotional state will shift to a more happy one. And when that happens, your health will respond by gradually improving to match the vibration of your thoughts and emotions.

The Source of Knowledge

This is the essence of the teachings of many great, wise people, past and present. You will even find much of these teachings are actually in the Bible.

You will need to read it with a different pair of eyes and an open mind, but you can interpret what many of the teachings of Jesus are actually telling you. Read how he actually healed people, how he performed what we think of as miracles and how he had an aura of power that made him the great teacher, scholar and leader that he was.

You may be in for a pleasant surprise!

This knowledge will be further expounded in later articles on this site and examples of the teachings of Jesus and the apostles given with meaningful and insightful interpretations that will show you that this is not new knowledge, but has been there for all to see, hidden in plain sight for over two thousand years!

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