Eating a nutritious, healthy diet is important if you want to feel and look great and live to a ripe old age with your physical and mental health as intact as it can be for anyone.

There's no guarantees of anything, but at least you'll be giving yourself a better chance of achieving this highly desirable aim if you will pay attention to what you're eating and drinking.

healthy nutritious tasty strawberriesWhat do you eat and drink right now?

Is it satisfying, tasty and healthy all at the same time? Chances are it's probably not because there are so many things out there that sacrifice healthfulness for taste.

Also there are too many myths floating around the place that healthy food has to taste bland or even horrible, which is so wrong!

Healthy Can Taste Great Too

Believe it or not, there are tons of incredibly tasty dishes that you can eat that are also really healthful and nutrition-packed full of goodness.

You just have to know what they are, how to get them or how to make them (or get someone else to make them for you).

It goes way further than just choosing to eat a plate of fruit that tastes nice and is also good for you, even though that's always a good idea. You can also get great recipes that combine the most nutritious foods in amazing ways to produce dishes that look good, taste good and do you good!

What You Want to See

For too long we have been bombarded by various food manufacturers with advertisements to eat this or that great tasting meal or snack that is mostly unhealthy, lacking in nutritional value and often downright bad for you and liable to end up making you a whole lot bigger than you'd be if you avoided them.

For too long the same powers that be have been brainwahsing us to believe that healthy, wholesome food is boring and yucky and we should spend all our money on their unhealthy junk instead because it tastes great.

These people must believe you CAN fool all of the people all of the time. And they're doing a darn good job of it. It's only for the few enlightened souls that can see through their lies and money grabbing greed that dare to fight back and try to educate people about nutrition and remind them that food is life and you get out what you put in your mouth!

It's about reviewing healthy, tasty food that won't end up in your belly or on your hips. It's about looking at workable diet plans that can actually help people lose weight, like Weight Watchers, Medifast and Nutrisystem (see: for a total education on the latter program).

It's about discovering what real food is and what's in the junk we should be avoiding.

Let's get posting tasty recipes made from real food and make sure to identify calorie catastrophes to be avoided at all costs!

Let's eat great food, feel great, look great and get healthy!