Boost Your Diet Effort with Exercise

It often doesn't really matter too much what kind of diet you are placing yourself on, in order to lose some weight as long as the diet fits with your personal needs.

You should still lose weight if the diet is compatible with you and your lifestyle, but you can really boost the effect of any diet you try by adding the one ingredient that compliments any calorie restrictive diet.

And that's exercise!

The kind of exercise you choose to do along with your diet is not as important as the fact of getting some daily activity going. The idea is to boost your metabolism so your body is using up all the calories you are giving it through the diet while forcing your body to give up some of its fat store every day to make up the shortfall.

Walking is Great Exercise

diet and exerciseIf you hate the idea of going to the gym, why not try walking for weight loss? You can get out into the fresh air every day and enjoy a brisk, invigorating walk that does you more good than you will realize.

The benefits from the exercise itself goes without saying, but there are added bonuses to walking in the fresh air and more importantly, natural daylight. Sunlight boosts your body's production of vitamin D which recent clinical studies have proved benefit you when losing weight, while a deficiency of that vitamin is linked with weight gain and obesity!

Fresh air boosts your oxygen intake, which boosts metabolism. Sitting around indoors all day robs your body of much oxygen because you're breathing in stale, carbon dioxide rich air which makes you more lethargic and feeling tired!

Natural Daylight Boosts Health

Natural daylight also lifts your mood thanks to stimulating your body's production of serotonin, the feel good hormone that we produce ourselves. This boosts motivation to do more to boost our health, such as more exercise and more determination to succeed.

When you're motivated to succeed in this way, it becomes a whole lot easier to do the exercising that you need. That's because instead of feeling like you have to do it, you actually feel like you want to do it!

So you see there are many health benefits to exercise that compliment a healthy, weight loss diet in so many ways. A fitter body is much more efficient at burning off any excess calories you might be consuming, but thanks to eating a healthy diet you should be on a reduced sugar and high Glycemic Index carbohydrate plan anyway, making the excess a healthy one in any case.

Get Out There and Get Fit!

The main message here is when you're eating a healthy meal program, do compliment it by getting outside and working out in the most enjoyable way you can think of. Make it fun or make it a kind of self-achievement contest where you are trying to beat your previous best, whether it's a distance milestone or a stamina barrier you are determined to go through.

If you like to run, then go for a run each day. If you like swimming then got to the local public pool and swim. If the weather is nice, then use an outdoor pool and get the benefit of sunshine and fresh air too.

Dieting is a great way to lose weight easily and works well when you make a healthy diet choice. It's even better when you combine it with fresh air, natural daylight and exercise!