Lose Weight with the Glycemic Index

There are lots of different diet plans available that can help you to lose weight in a variety of ways. Some cut out certain food groups, while others restrict calorie intake.

Some are very easy, with your meals being delivered to your home like dieting with Nutrisystem, while others are more labor intensive, with you doing the food preparation, calorie counting and nutrition balancing.

Here we'll look at one form of diet plan that makes use of the glycemic index to help that excess weight to drop off.

What is a Glycemic Index Diet Plan?

low glycemic index foodsThis is basically a diet that is based on the GI of carbohydrates. It works by providing you with certain foods that your body is not so fast to convert into fat that gets stored.

A GI diet plan goes towards providing you with a set of low GI carbohydrates to make this happen and in doing so it reduces stored fat in your body.

Of course, this is a good way to stop weight gain and when you combine it with some light daily exercise it will lead to weight loss. A low GI diet plan avoids foods based on refined flour like white bread and pasta, as well as cakes, biscuits and pastries.

Instead it concentrates on foods containing low GI carbs including healthy alternatives to those refined flour based foods which are made instead with wholewheat flour.

There are Carbs and There are Carbs

The reason for this is refined white flour is composed of high GI carbs and that's why things like white bread, pastries, pasta, cakes and biscuits all cause weight gain. Cakes and biscuits are also composed of high levels of trans fats and sugars, which are also very bad for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds!

Consequently, wholewheat food products tend to contain more low GI carbohydrates which are better for you as long as they're also low in trans fats and refined sugars. Better carbs come from whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

What is Good to Eat on this Diet?

One really good, low GI food is porridge which is made from rolled oats. If you want a high powered breakfast to get your body going for the day ahead, then porridge is definitely that.

Oats are made up of very low GI carbohydrates and are extremely good for you. They act as a healthy diet aid and also as a health booster. They help to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol, promote good HDL cholesterol and normalise your blood sugar levels.

At the same time they boost your metabolism which means you will burn more calories. And we know what that means... a reduction in body fat which in turn means reduced body weight (and size).

If this alternative type of diet plan interests you, then its also a good healthy option which can benefit you and your health in many ways. Eating whole foods creates a kind of natural calorie restriction as you are less tempted to eat more high sugar refined and processed foods.

Of course you should back up any diet plan with some form of daily exercise to further boost your metabolism and improve your body's ability to burn its excess store of fats in order to cause the weight loss that you desire to occur.

Posted: Sep 23, 2021